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Fly Away Beauty MINI MANI Nail Wraps
Fly Away Beauty MINI MANI Nail Wraps

Fly Away Beauty MINI MANI Nail Wraps

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The perfect mani for little ones!  No more cutting down nail wraps to get that perfect fit for your kiddos. Finally, mini manis are here.

Our 18 double-edged nail wraps, can give you enough for 2 full manicures! Check out our How to Apply video to learn how. These go on completely dry so you can do your nails riding in the car or on a lunch break at work, anywhere really. It’s that convenient, mess-FREE! And no dry time, means no smudges, smears or ooopsies (re-dos).

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Easy to apply
  • Sized specifically for kids
  • Enough for 2 FULL manicures
  • Goes on dry and mess-FREE
  • Last longer than traditional nail polish

Details: Kid-Sized and Glossy

Children's nails naturally have a higher moisture content, which can cause the wraps to lift. Here are a few tips to ensure a quality manicure that stays. 

1) Throughly cleanse the nail bed with alcohol or hand sanitizer and let it dry completely. This is remove any lotions or natural oils. 

2) Avoid touching the sticky surface of the nail wrap, consider using our "Carrier Application Method" show in our How to Apply video

3) Apply a layer of quality top coat to the nail wrap. This will help adhesion as well as protect the nail wrap from chips, heat, chlorine and hot water. 

4) Avoid hot baths, or swimming for a couple of hours after application. The nail wraps will continue to cure for about 2 hours after application. 

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