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Red Modern Love Nail Wraps
Red Modern Love Nail Wraps

Red Modern Love Nail Wraps

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Our Luxury Line is just that... luxury. You'll love the premium materials, the longer wear, the 18 wider nails strips as well as the perforated base. All these features will spoil you for all other nails wraps. Not to mention the designs in our Luxury line are oh-so-gorgeous. Swoon!

With the 18 wider nail strips, you can get  up to 3 manicures out of one set. You heard right up to 3 full manicures! Application is super simple and the same as our traditional wraps, we just cut out the need to round the 2nd end of the wrap with a break-away perforated base. You'll love how easy it is. Check out our How to Apply video to learn how.

And of course all our traditional features still apply. These go on completely dry so you can do your nails riding in the car or on a lunch break at work, anywhere really. It’s that convenient, mess-FREE! And no dry time, means no smudges, smears or ooopsies (re-dos).

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Easy to apply
  • Premium materials
  • 18 nail wraps per set
  • Fits wider nail beds
  • Break-away base for easy application
  • Up to 3 manicures per set
  • Goes on dry and mess-FREE
  • Last longer than traditional nail polish

Details: Premium Materials, Translucent and Glossy


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