A Guide on How Long Does a Gel Manicure Last

Fashion is not all about wearing good clothes, as your outer beauty depends on how much time you spend in self-grooming. One of the most significant parts of personal grooming for women is the manicure. Your nails should appear beautiful, and you can easily achieve it nowadays. Visit a salon and get a professional manicure done without any hassles. However, you can choose a DIY manicure with gel nail wraps instead of visiting a salon. This will save your expenses to a large extent. So, how long does a gel manicure last? This article will guide you in finding the answer to the question with precision.

How Long Does Gel Nails Last?

Let's get the answer straight before delving into various aspects of enhancing the lifespan of the nail wraps. Typically, the gel manicure can last around 10-14 days. However, the durability varies depending on various factors. For example, the quality of the gel nail wraps is an important factor. Purchasing top-quality nail wraps or decals will provide you with optimum durability.

On the other hand, the skill of applying the nail wraps also matters a lot. Following the right method of applying the gel nail wraps will ensure that the gel nails last for a long time. Make sure that your nail wraps have been cured under the UV light so that they become hard. Curing the wraps under UV light ensures that the wraps will last for a long time.

Tips to Provide Durability to Gel Nails

Instead of asking how long does a gel manicure last, you must follow a few good practices to make the gel nails last longer. The following section will render a few quick and proven tips to improve the lifespan of your gel manicure.

  • Apply Cuticle Oil: Frequent use of the cuticle oil can help your gel manicure last for more than two weeks. The oil keeps your nail cuticle hydrated, which helps the nail appear beautiful. At the same time, the oil gives strength to the gel wraps to last longer on your nails. Applying the cuticle oil frequently will prevent chipping or breaking.
  • File Nail Edges Regularly: You apply the nail stickers after filing your nails perfectly. Now, you need to file nail edges regularly to ensure that the stickers stay perfectly fitted to your nails. Filing nails regularly also prevents chipping and tearing. Therefore, your gel nails will last even more than two weeks.
  • Always Apply a Top Coat: When you apply the gel wraps on your nails, you must not forget to apply a top coat. A clear or transparent nail sticker gives protection to the colored or textured nail stickers. In other words, the transparent overlay helps your gel nail wraps or decals to last longer preventing scratches and other damages.
  • Keep Your Nails Dry: Applying water frequently on the nail wraps can make them non-sticky quickly. You should keep the nails dry to enhance the wrap's longevity. Besides avoiding moisture contact, you should also be careful about chemical exposure. If the nail wraps come in contact with harsh chemicals, they will lose color and elegance.

Final Thoughts

So, this is our comprehensive guide on how long does a gel manicure last. We recommend using top-quality nail wraps, which will fetch the most durable result. At the same time, you need to follow the tips discussed in this article.

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