Application Help

How do I apply Lovely Hello nail wraps?

It is super easy. Check out our video to help any answer any questions you may have. But if you don’t have time, here is a step-by-step explanation.

  • Select nail wrap based on width of your nail
  • Remove the protective clear cover
  • Using the silver base, peel strip from backing
  • Apply the wrap to the nail, firmly smooth to release any wrinkles.
  • File the excess strip from the edge of the nail.
  • Optional: Apply topcoat for an even longer lasting manicure.

How can I get 2 manicures out of one package of Lovely Hello’s nail wraps?

Our nails wraps are traditionally long enough to get 2 nails out of 1 single wrap. Just place the rounded end on the first nail. Cut the excess with clippers or scissors, and round the silver base end with fingernail clippers. You can then apply this other half to the same finger on your other hand. Voila! That makes each manicure only $1.50!  We love life hacks that stretch our dollars.

What is the “Carrier Method” for applying nail wraps?

You can see how to use the carrier method in our application video, available here. However, it is basically where you use the paper backing that the nail wrap was peeled from to give you a place to hold the nail wrap. The goal is to refrain from touching the sticky side of the nail wrap. This backing/carrier method give you a place to hold, and thus more control when applying your wrap.

What ingredients are in Lovely Hello nail wraps?

We rely on high quality partners to manufacture our wraps. They are 100% real nail polish with a layer of glue. However we understand some of you love details… so here you go. 
N-Butyl Acetate(123-86-4), Polyacrylic acid(9003-01-4), Styrene/lsoprene Copolymer(25038-32-8), Hydrogenated Poly(C6-20 Olefin)(69430-35-9), Ethyl Acetate(141-78-6), Nitrocellulose(9004-70-0), Dipentaerythrityl Hexaacrylate(29570-58-9), Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate(27813-02-1)

The tops of my nail wraps seem sticky after I apply them. Why is this?

We find that sometimes when the nail wraps are exposed to higher levels of heat, the wraps themselves can get sticky. For an easy fix, simply apply one coat of your favorite topcoat and problem solved, plus your manicure will last longer as a result as well.

My nail wraps peeled off? Help!

Please remember to clean nails thoroughly with the alcohol wipe before applying.  Also placing nail wraps over existing glossy nail polish can lead to the wraps peeling. It is best to apply Lovely Hello nail wraps to clean, polish-free nails.


How many days of wear can I get out of Hello Lovely’s nail wraps?

Our nails wraps tend to last 5-7 days with very little signs of wear. We have had many people say they are able to last up to 10 days! Applying a top coat over the wraps can help lengthen the wear of your Lovely Hello manicure.

Can I place one nail wrap on top of another nail wrap?

YES! This is absolutely can be done. And it is recommended with our NEW Rock Your Team line. Any of our nails wraps can be doubled up. This makes for so many combinations, especially when using our translucent collection or overlays. We’d love to see what combos you end up creating. Please send us an email at or reach out to us on our Facebook page. Get creative, your nails are a great canvas to show off your unique style!

How do I remove Hello Lovely’s nail wraps?

We recommend traditional nail polish remover, rather than peeling them off. Acetone or non-acetone, both types of removers work well on our nail wraps. Allow for a few extra minutes of wiping, and they will come off easily, without damaging your natural nails.