Charismatic French Nail Wraps
Charismatic French Nail Wraps
Charismatic French Nail Wraps

Charismatic French Nail Wraps

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How would you like to get that beautiful gel manicure at an at-home price? 

We have the answer for you!  Check out our Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps! It's simple, easy and well...  just plain fabulous!

Just apply, file, cure and go. 

And of course all our traditional features still apply. These go on completely dry so you can do your nails riding in the car or on a lunch break at work, anywhere really. It’s that convenient, mess-FREE! And no dry time, means no smudges, smears or ooopsies (re-dos).

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Easy to apply
  • High Gloss, gel finish
  • Premium materials
  • 20 nail wraps per set
  • Goes on dry and mess-FREE
  • Last longer than traditional nail polish

Each set will come with a nail file and orange stick.

Details: Semi-Cured (UV Light required), Glitter Accent, Sheer, Premium Materials and Glossy

QUICK TIP: Press firmly around edges of wrap before curing with the UV light.  This helps create a nice rounded seal around your wrap and nail bed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cathy Thomas

Absolutely love these. I have bought these multiple times.


The French tip design is beautiful, but the glitter accent is not centered at all. I may try these again and see if I can use only the ones without the glitter…

Dana Chamberlin
Charismatic French

I this is my all time favorite set so far!! My only complaint is that the glitter spot on the ones I received was not centered.


Love them!