Sweet Cheer Nail Wraps
Sweet Cheer Nail Wraps
Sweet Cheer Nail Wraps

Sweet Cheer Nail Wraps

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How would you like to get that beautiful gel manicure at an at-home price? 

We have the answer for you!  Check out our Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps! It's simple, easy and well...  just plain fabulous!

Just apply, file, cure and go. 

And of course all our traditional features still apply. These go on completely dry so you can do your nails riding in the car or on a lunch break at work, anywhere really. It’s that convenient, mess-FREE! And no dry time, means no smudges, smears or ooopsies (re-dos).

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Easy to apply
  • High Gloss, gel finish
  • Premium materials
  • 20 nail wraps per set
  • Goes on dry and mess-FREE
  • Last longer than traditional nail polish

Each set will come with a nail file and orange stick.

Details: Semi-Cured (UV Light required), Transparent, Glitter, Premium Materials and Glossy

QUICK TIP: Press firmly around edges of wrap before curing with the UV light.  This helps create a nice rounded seal around your wrap and nail bed.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cheryl Nielsen
Love the simplicity and durability

I am a huge fan of everything Lovely Hello. This was my first time using the semi cured and I love them. They last and are super easy. I look forward to more designs coming in the future.

Cathy LaRocca
So cute

These are so nice looking. Fun design and the picture doesn't do it justice. Very 70s lol. Beautiful.

Debra Hill

Love them colors are vibrant and easy to use. Quality is 5 stars

KelliAnne Brown
Beautiful design

I’ve only used the semi cured one other time. They go on very nicely and are really thick once cured. I didn’t need a top coat which saves time. I doubled up this design because I like the transparent ones over a solid. They may have been a little thick for that, but they look pretty.

Kim Greene
Cute nails

These nails lasted me over 2 weeks