XL Nail Wrap Collection Album
XL Nail Wrap Collection Album
XL Nail Wrap Collection Album

XL Nail Wrap Collection Album

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How do you store nail wraps, you ask? 

It's simple, most of our nail wraps do not "dry out", as they come to you completely dry.  So there is no need to reseal or freeze our wraps to "keep them fresh". Storage is simple really. There is nothing special you need to do.

But... what you can do is keep them in an adorable album, so you can easily flip through your nail wrap collection on Nail Day to make the most all the wraps you have to work with. 

Our EXTRA LARGE "Lovely Things Inside" wrap collection album has 60 clear plastic pages to hold up to a total of 120 wraps. It's a super classy and beautiful way to store and showcase all those fun designs. 

Our album also has a white elastic band to go around the album to keep all those pages together, you know for when it is super stuffed like mine is... LOL. This band is awesome at just keeping everything tidy and neat. 

This 5x7 album will house all our wraps sizes, mini manis and pedis. 

All you have to do is add the "Lovely Things Inside."

Here are the details: 

1) XL size to hold all those longer wrap packages
2) White shell with classy foil polka dot design.
3) 60 individual pages to hold up to 120 nail wraps
4) White elastic band to keep it all together


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